Our website uses cookies to improve users’ experience and our provided service. This document describes our used cookie types, their purpose and how to change your preferences.


Cookies are short text strings through which information is stored by a web server on a browser running on a client device. This information will be used again in the same session or in any future user sessions, even after a few days. Cookies on user preferences are also stored on the web browser of a specific device (a computer, tablet or smartphone).
Cookies are named in accordance with the party managing them, i.e. first or third-party cookies. First-party cookies sent by a website are cookies owned by the same website, whereas third-party cookies are cookies sent by third parties using the website.

First-party cookies

Our first-party cookies are technical cookies strictly required for the correct operation of our website. These include, in particular:

  • a session cookie to report errors found in users’ actions within the website, this cookie is removed when the browser is closed;
  • a cookie to manage preferences related to the language chosen for consulting the website, which lasts 12 months;
  • a session cookie to allow the reporting of errors in the actions carried out by users on the website, this cookie is removed following the closure of the browser;

Third-party analysis cookies

Our website uses third-party analysis cookies in anonymous form. These cookies are generated in our website by the network traffic analyser Google Analytics supplied by Google, Inc. (“Google”).
Google Analytics uses cookies to collect and analyse network traffic and the use of a website in anonymous form for statistical purposes, by masking the IP address of a user.
This information is collected and processed by Google Analytics into reports designed to inform our website operators on web visits, i.e. data on the most visited webpages, number of visitors, and browsers/operating systems used. This information is also meant for website monitoring and the improvement of website performance and usability.
This website does not use (or allow third parties to use) the Google network traffic analyser to monitor or collect personal identification information. Google may also communicate this information to third parties where required by law, or where such third parties should process personal identification information on behalf of Google.
For further information, check:
A user may selectively disable the actions of Google Analytics and its cookies by installing an opt-out component available from Google on

Third-party profiling cookies

Our website does not use cookies of this type.

Cookie management

Users may decide whether to accept cookies by changing their browser settings.
Note: if you disable technical cookies, this could prevent the use of a few website functions.
Disabling third-party cookies will not affect navigation in our website.
Settings may be different for various webpages and web applications. The best browsers also support different settings for proprietary and third-party cookies.
Please check the relevant support page for further information on how to manage cookies in your browser.